Search Tips
Full-Text searching
In this keyword search all search terms are retrieved from across all the words in the catalogue record including; author, title, series, subject, summary, contents, language, material description, publisher, ISBN, dewey number, reading level or film classification

e.g. 'rainforests secondary illustrations'   Retrieves titles about rainforests that have illustrations and are listed for secondary school level usage.

All alpha and many numeric characters and symbols are searchable.

e.g. Either the $ character or the word dollar, can be input to retrieve all titles using either forms of the word.

"Refine your search"
A limit of 500 hits can be retrieved. Refine your search by
  • 1. Using a more specific term e.g. War change to Vietnam War
  • 2. Using the narrower field search options, author, title, series or subject.
  • 3. Using specific category searches, kids search, media search, fiction search, local area search
  • 4. Using shelf locations or format in your main search.
  • 5. Combine words from any field, e.g. author name with subject
  •   Shelf Locations
  • audio
  • cd
  • dvd
  • fiction
  • large print
  • junior dvd
  • junior fiction
  • bilingual
  • toylibrary
  • reference
  • online
  • nonfiction
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  • graphic
  • magazines
  • newspapers
  • Availability filter
    This option will display available titles for each branch. Customers should note that 100% accuracy cannot be guaranteed as items may be in use in the library or misplaced on the shelves. `
    Wildcard * search
    Use * at the end of a word to replace letters
    e.g. immigra * searches for immigrant immigration immigrate immigrating `